Tips for choosing a freelance marketing company

Many businesses are interested in hiring freelance marketing services when they wish to launch a new service or product which they have developed after extensive market research. In other cases, the company may be interested in using additional assistance to supplement their in-house marketing effort and get better results. There are a large number of freelance marketing companies like Blue Lizard Marketing which offer a wide range of marketing services. Hence some of the factors which businesses should consider while choosing a suitable marketing company are discussed.

One of the main factors which should be considered are the products or services which are being marketed. The marketing strategy will differ for consumer products and products which are mainly sold to businesses or have industrial applications. Many marketing companies specialize in either consumer or business marketing, though a few handle all types of marketing. Hence based on the business profile and its target customers, it is advisable to choose the right kind of marketing company, after checking their client list, and the experience, skills of their marketing staff.

Another factor which has to be considered while choosing a marketing company is the marketing method which will be effective. For products which are being sold mainly online, the business will have to focus on a digital marketing strategy and ensure that the company has the required experience and skills. There are also a large number of services, products, which are still sold offline due to convenience and other reasons. For these services, it is necessary to have an offline marketing strategy, like outdoor advertising, advertising in newspapers, magazines or distributing flyers. Hence the marketing company should have staff with relevant experience.

It is also advisable to check the expertise of the marketing company and its client base. Some of the companies may specialize in helping startups and small businesses formulate their marketing strategy and also plan how to market their service, product. In other cases, the freelance marketing service provider will specialize in extremely niche areas like product launches, ensure that the product is priced and packaged in the right way. They will also ensure that the new product is promoted on multiple media channels like print, television, videos, social media, online, outdoor based on the marketing budget of the company.

Another consideration while choosing the marketing company are the fees which they will charge. Most businesses are willing to pay a commission on any sales which can be directly attributed to the marketing company. However, most marketing companies may not agree to this form of compensation since there is a possibility that the sales are not tracked properly and some products may be difficult to sell, because of high prices, quality, design problems and other issues. A business will usually have a marketing budget and this should be one of the major considerations while choosing a suitable marketing company. Some larger marketing companies will only work with clients who have marketing budgets higher than a specified amount, so smaller businesses will not be able to afford their services.