Qualitetch Manufactures A Line of Chemical Etching High Precision Components

Chemical etching is a process used for manufacturing high precision subtractive products in which baths of chemicals at regulated temperatures are used. In this process, excessive material is removed to produce metal parts of the desired shape with high accuracy. Many businesses like Qualitetch etc. use this process to produce various types of chemical etching line of products.

The process of chemical etching is also known as photo etching, photo chemical machining, and acid etching, etc. It is normally utilized to manufacture various types of high-quality components and parts accurately from flat sheets of metal for a variety of industries and businesses. Qualitetch uses this process for providing the best services to its clients.

Who is Qualitetch?

Qualitetch is a company that produces various types of metal components as per the requirements of its customers throughout the world with the help of its team of chemical etching professionals. They produce a chemical etching line of products of high quality as much as possible by following a systematic approach.

How Qualitetch use the chemical etching process?

They understand the type of component is expected by their client after receiving the initial design. Then they determine the materials used in those components, their volume, dimensions, and other details before starting the process of chemical etching.

Cleaning of metal sheet

Before starting the etching process they ensure that no impurity should remain on the metal sheet so that they can provide the best services to their clients. In ore to clean metal sheets, they pass them through the alkaline and acidic solutions and rinse them thoroughly.

Preparation of metal sheet

On both sides of the metal sheet, their technical experts use heated rollers to apply a coat of photo-sensitive material to resist UV exposure. This process is known as photo etching. Before chemical etching, the sheet additional coating is removed.

Then a two-sided photo tool is used to apply the design required on the component on the metal sheet so that the design on both sides of the sheet applied accurately. The untouched part of the metal sheet is then hardened by exposing it with UV light so that the artwork of the design remains on the sheet so that it can be developed.

Metal resistance and etching

The metal sheet ready to be developed is now passed through the process of chemical etching several times to create a high precision component with an exact design as required by the client.

In this way, Qualitetch produces various types of high-quality chemical etching line of products with complex and intricate designs easily without compromising in their accuracy. The chances of producing components with burr or stress are negligible with the process of chemical etching.

Qualitetch supplies its products to its customers all over the world after removing the blue photo resisting solution by passing the components through a striping chamber. The profile of the final product includes finished components of etched base metal as per the requirement of their customers. The high precision products of the chemical etching line produced by Qualitetch include various types of motherboards etc.