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How to Buy a New Home in Essex Using the Part Exchange Scheme

If you are coming from any of the sub-towns of Essex County and own a home, you can exchange it for a newer, more spacious, more exquisite, and contemporary one. Wondering how this is possible? Just ask Hopkins Home, a UK real estate company. They have a home buying scheme called Part Exchange. This scheme is for homeowners who desire to exchange their present homes for something much better.

How Does it Work?

Once you’ve identified the new homes for sale Essex that you are interested in, you are expected to approach Hopkins Home and make a formal bid for one. You are expected to use the title of your existing house as the guarantee. The company will then ask you several questions pertaining to your eligibility to buy the property. You’ll basically be asked about your financing plan. if they are convinced by your offer, the property that you are interested in is placed on temporary hold for a reservation fee of £1000. In case the agreement fails, the money is refunded.

But before then, the company sends professional valuers to you to assess the market value of your existing property and see if it meets the terms and conditions of the Part Exchange Agreement. This is followed by the company issuing you an offer. You are expected to carefully weigh the proposal before signing a confirmation document in 5 days. The selling goes as normal and so you remain the legal property owner of your existing home until the Part Exchange is complete. The company provides you with professional support services throughout the exchange cycle and you don’t pay any agent fee.

The Part Exchange Plan is a great one if you want to own the house of your dream anywhere in Essex. You just need to talk to Hopkins Homes and explain what you are bringing on the exchange table.