Boarding School

Your parents are sending you to a boarding school in the UK and you are feeling rather anxious about it – it is the first time you will be away from home not to mention that you are going to another country. You shouldn’t worry too much about it – all you need to do is ask to be involved in the process of choosing the school you will attend. When choosing schools the foremost thing that comes to mind is how well the students in that particular school perform. Of course you want to be able to get a passing grade after your time abroad, but while this is important there are other considerations you should keep in mind as a family when you are choosing a boarding school abroad.
The first is whether the school has international students. It can be incredibly lonely to find yourself the only foreigner in a school. There are some schools in the UK that have large international student populations and you will fit in much better in such a school.
Extracurricular activities are also important. You want to be able to learn as much about the UK while you are there as you can, so make sure that you choose a school that has programs that expose students to English culture and history. There should be activities like trips to museums, theatre, you should be able to visit other cities and of course get the opportunity to meet and get to know the locals around your school.
Make sure that you look into accommodation arrangements – where will you live while attending boarding school in the UK? It should be comfortable and close to the school so you don’t have a long commute.
The Cambridge Centre for Sixth Form Studies is one of the best schools for foreign students but you have to book your space early. Go to for more information.