Best Sixth Forms in UK

As a parent from a foreign country you have decided that the best course of action for your child would be to send them to sixth form in the UK. This way they will learn in one of the best sixth form colleges and greatly increase their chances of getting into a top university. However, there are still some things you need to sort out. What are the best sixth forms in the UK? How can you be sure that your child will be safe and happy? How will you ensure that they are able to get to school safely every term? Here are some answers to these questions.
The best sixth forms in the UK tend to be the ones that charge lots of money. Fees are usually in the tens of thousands of pounds every year but there are great results to show for it. Most students are able to qualify for the best universities year after year and you can confirm this by asking the school a summary of performance over the last few years.
As for whether your child will be safe and happy it depends on the school that you choose for them. There are schools that have large populations of foreign students because they have an excellent reputation when it comes to caring for foreign students. Each student is treated with respect and care regardless of their country of origin or their religion. Your child will also not be lonely because they will be surrounded by many others who are far away from home. Travel can be arranged with the school – the best schools ensure that there is someone to pick and drop students off at airports on appointed days.
We recommend that you talk to the Cambridge Centre for sixth Form Studies. It is one of the best schools for foreign students and they do very ell academically. You can find out more on