A Complete Guide to ACT Test Preparation

ACT the short form of American College Testing is one of those exams that is used by many universities and colleges for their admission procedures. It is a pencil and paper, multiple-choice (MCQ) test administered by the ACT, a non-profit organization. Let us dig deeper to know more about the exam structure in detail.

What is the ACT Test?

The ACT test preparation contains four fields of academic competence: English, Reading, Math and Scientific Reasoning. This test is approved by all four-year colleges and universities in the United States.

It aims to assess the preparation of a high school student to go to university and to provide colleges with a capability for comparing all the candidates. Academic admission officers will verify the high school GPA and grades, off-school experiences, application interviews and personal essays along with test scores of a candidate.

What is the Test procedure?

The ACT has a score of 36. Each ACT segment is labeled with a scale of 1 to 36. The ACT score is the average of the four section scores, which range between 1 and 36.

The ACT test preparation contains four parts based on multiple-choices – Math, English, Reading, and Science, each with 36 marks. An optional 40 minute written test is also included in the test. This additional writing exam is graded by 12 marks and is not included in the final score.

How to register for the ACT?

Registered candidates will get a notification about the details of the examination at least five weeks before the test. The counselor of a school can procure the registration process or a candidate can easily sign up online on the ACT website. In order to register for the test, aspirants should create a personal profile on the ACT website while applying online.

Always select a nearby location as an examination center, to avoid traveling long for the exam since the exam takes place in the morning. Make sure to spend ample time on ACT test preparation before selecting a preferred date. It is recommended for the new candidates to choose at least three months for the ACT test preparation to allow themselves some breathing space for thorough research.

How many times a candidate can sit for the test?

A candidate can sit up to 12 times for the test. The reality is that when students retake the test, they always improve their scores. For a candidate, this is a rewarding experience to sit for the real test.

This enables a candidate to measure their scale and identify weaknesses so that they are aware of what exactly is needed to perform well for the test. The real test also provides the capability of managing the test-day stresses to an aspirant looking to crack the ACT.

Wrapping Up

The ACT is a standardized test that shapes the path and direction of young aspirants. So it is vital to make sure that you prepare well for securing good scores in the test. Take admission in a nearby coaching center and be ACT ready!