Lawn Service Business

Pro Lawn Care UK is an industry-leader in lawn maintenance and landscaping. With years of extensive experience, we continue to provide top-notch services for all residential and commercial clients. Established in 2000, Pro Lawn Care is a reputable and seasoned company that is committed to excellence in all lawn care maintenance and upgrades. This includes homes, businesses, warehouses, and any and all establishments that require professional and affordable landscaping. We also specialize in helping individuals that want to establish their own independent lawn care firms –rather than buying into existing franchises.

This is done via bespoke business training for novices or those with prior lawn care experience. All visitors – that are part of this program – receive full training and knowledge on how to tap into this challenging and ever-growing industry. With our unique training program, we can truly help you get a start in the landscaping business. We are also proud to be Members of the UK Lawn care business ideas Network.


Our services mainly fall into two categories. These include:

·         Professional Bespoke Training for Lawn-Care Startup Firms and Businesses

·         Product Sales – Seagreen Liquid Iron (liquid iron sulphate)

To enquire about our training program, we feature a convenient sign-up form at our website. Simply contact us through this portal and we will respond in a timely and professional manner. We also specialize in Seagreen Liquid Iron for all lawn maintenance and landscaping needs. In fact, numerous lawn-care companies and contractors buy our product on a regular basis. We also network with local businesses that require landscaping services. This allows us to take care of their needs with our highly-dedicated team, along with helping trainees learn vital lawn care tips and techniques on the job.

Dedicated Lawn Care Specialists

As your premier UK lawn care business, we are genuinely concerned about the environment as a whole. This is why we incorporate safe and friendly practices into everything we do. This includes environmentally-friendly products and services, along with green options that help salvage damaged lawns and enhance existing ones. We also stay abreast of the latest industry trends and developments – which allows us to offer real-time results for all commercial and residential clients. One phone call or e-mail is all you need to speak to us directly. From lawn maintenance tips and business training to product purchases, we are committed to making your experience smooth and memorable. For more information, please contact or visit us today,


Naga chilli sauce

Naga Chili Sauce: Only for the Daring

Naga viper pepper is one of the hottest in the chilies world. They have a great color and taste, so a sauce made from these chilies can really enhance the look, smell and taste of food. Naga chili sauce is a great accompaniment for different types of sandwiches, curry, a fajita, pizza and it also works well as a pasta sauce. It can be used for many other dishes as well. The sauce is way hotter than tabasco. The heat does not hit your taste buds immediately you start eating, but when it does, it stays on for a while even after finishing your meal.

Making Naga Chilli Sauce At Home

Naga ghost chilies are the main ingredient in this sauce. Other types of chilies can be added to make it hotter. One known recipe makes use of tomatoes, pineapple juice, onions, sugar, salt, garlic, cayenne chilies, Naga chilies and red pepper. However, you can use any ingredients you want to use to achieve the taste you are after; whether you want hot and sweet or savory. If you are making the sauce at home, always use gloves because the chili does not easily get off your hands and you could forget and end up rubbing your eyes. This is not something anyone would like to experience.

The good thing about making your own sauce at home is that you can make it just as hot as you want. You can either use fresh Naga chilies or dried and crashed ones to make the sauce. The flavor achieved will be slightly different if you use dried Naga chilies.The chilies do well in moderate temperature and humidity conditions that you can easily achieve at home.

Bottom Line

Naga chili sauce is one of the most loved chili sauces by pepper lovers. If you are buying online or from a grocery store, always check the ingredients used and any warnings on the packaging in case the sauce contains anything you may be allergic to. Opt for all-natural sauces—those without any preservatives or other chemical additives—for an authentic taste. You can have it cool, mild, medium, hot or painful depending on what you like.

Sweet Chilli Dipping Sauce

 Sweet. Chilli. Just those two words juxtaposed together is enough to make one’s head swirl. For whoever thought of adding a sweetish taste to chilli, or adding a spicy chilli sauce gifts to a sweet one? No matter when it happened, the moment it did marks a turning point in the world’s culinary prowess. Whether you’re a wannabe, amateur, or professional chef, having the correct sweet chilli dipping sauce in your arsenal can go a long way in demonstrating your cooking skills.
The humble sweet dipping chilli sauce may not be composed of exotic ingredients, and may even be easy to prepare with locally-sourced ingredients, but none can dispute its effectiveness. A good sweet chilli dipping sauce can transform an ordinary culinary experience into a surreal one. Further it can also be used to spice and sweeten, at the same time, an almost endless variety of food. The sweet chilli flavour brings to life such diverse foods as chips, cutlets, sandwiches, burgers, fries, rolls, steaks, and almost anything you can think of.
Here we show you how to make a sweet chilli dipping sauce that is sure to make tongues of all nationalities, races, religions, castes, and creeds sit up and take notice.
Note: To ensure that your sweet chilli sauce comes out as its best version, ensure you are relaxed or even serene before beginning, as preparing this dish with a stressed-out cluttered mind is sure to affect the intangible forces and ingredients emanating from you that also go into making an awesome sweet chilli sauce.
Two cups of caster sugar, three long red chillies, one Lebanese cucumber (seeded and finely chopped), two tablespoons of lime juice, and one tablespoon of white vinegar.
1. Mix the sugar and two cups of water in a medium saucepan over medium-high heat. Stir for five minutes or until the sugar dissolves. Bring to boil for five minutes, without stirring, or until mixture thickens slightly.
2. Cut one chilli into thin rounds. Remove and discard seeds from the remaining two chillies and cut into long thin strips.
3. Add chilli and cucumber to the sugar mixture. Cook without stirring for 2 minutes, and then cool completely. Add lime juice and vinegar while stirring, add seasoning, and serve.

Folding Music Stands

You have decided to learn sheet music and the time has come for you to buy a music stand – which one is best? That is an excellent question as there are so many in the market. Start by shopping for a folding music stand. These are stands that can fold away into smaller units that are easy to transport. Also, the fact that it folds means that once you are finished using it you can fold it and keep it away, leaving the room looking neat and tidy. Before you buy the stand fold it and see exactly what size it becomes. There are some that fold but not significantly. Ideally, it should fold into something just slightly longer than an A4 size paper with the legs nicely tucked away.
The best folding are sturdy music stand. If you are performing with others there tends to be quite a bit of movement around, and you don’t want a music stand that will collapse at the slightest disturbance. If your stand is made of the right material it will hold your music without any problems, but be careful about the weight too. A music stand may be sturdy because it is made of heavy materials, which makes it hard to transport especially if you don’t have a car.
You will need to use your music stand while standing from time to time, so you should check whether the height is adjustable, and whether it adjusts to a height that you are comfortable with – there are some that extend very little and they can be very uncomfortable for taller people. Extend it upwards to see whether you can comfortably read sheet music when you are standing up straight. You will also need to tilt your stand to a comfortable angle so check on this before you buy.
Not many people think of music stands as a place where you ca n keep away books, but if you are a serious performer you may want to bring along a book or two to brush up before performances. There are music stands that have bookshelves, and the number of shelves you go for will be determined by how many books you think you will be keeping on it. Also, you need some space on the music stand for more than your music – you will need somewhere to keep your pens, violin bow, pencils and so on.
As you become more and more advanced in your music you will find yourself playing music that is longer than 1 page. It can become very awkward to try and turn a page in the middle of a performance. You will need a stand that can take at least 3 sheets of music.
One music stand vendor that comes highly recommended is RATstands. They have all kinds of folding music stands that you can see in their showroom. Having been in the business for more than 40 years you can be sure that they produce some of the best stands in the world. You can find out more on their website,

Luxury holiday homes Norfolk

If you’re the type that likes to enjoy the finer things that life offers, then a nice holiday on the luxurious homes in Norfolk would be the perfect fit for you. These exclusive homes offer you a nice and quiet time at the unique and special accommodation properties you couldn’t find anywhere else.

Get the Best Out Of Norfolk

While you may think that a nice holiday time in the luxurious homes is more than enough for you and your loved ones, then probably it’s time you go outdoors and explore the wider Norfolk.

The luxurious holiday homes rest on picturesque landscapes that give you a positive connection with nature. Moreover, Norfolk offers you an opportunity to bring out your adventurous nature with numerous places to explore from the Norfolk Broads to the historic Norwich city.

Settle For the Perfect Fit

Luxury cottage Norfolk are designed to suit any occasion and accommodate any number of people. Therefore, feel free to bring along the entire family for a nice holiday vacation away from your usual routine.

Furthermore, if you want a nice peaceful, romantic getaway with your loved one away from prying eyes, the homes will give you exactly that, a time to spend together engaging in activities within the homes.

The magnificent and beautifully designed homes allow you the opportunity to relax on traditional historic features while enjoying a personal time within an interior that’s designed with a modern touch.

This means that while you will have a traditional countryside experience, you’ll still be able to feel a homey welcome away from home. No need to worry about your kids or pets because the luxury holiday homes in Norfolk are kid-friendly as well as pet-friendly so be sure to bring them along.

Enjoy a quiet time in the gardens of the homes that will surely give you a peace of mind.  You could also plan numerous outdoor awe-inspiring activities to engage in with your loved ones in Norfolk to ensure you have a nice adventurous time along the scenic coastline.

Self-Catering Accommodation

Luxury self catering Norfolk are fully equipped and allow you the opportunity to enjoy self-catering accommodation. However, you could always take advantage of superb eating and drinking spots within Norfolk simply to get the best of both worlds.

Time to Book Your Spot

To make things, even more fun, be sure to browse around for the best luxury holiday homes in Norfolk where you can have a peaceful time with your loved ones. The homes will surely give you an experience worth remembering

luxury holiday cottages norfolk

Looking for a place to spend your luxury holiday homes Norfolk? Finding the best place to spend a holiday could perhaps be a very daunting task for anyone looking for luxury and affordability in one place. Fortunately, when it comes to giving you the best time of your vacation, a time at the luxury holiday cottages Norfolk would work just perfectly. The cottages are designed to create a blend of the old English style with modern architecture to give you a traditional yet vivacious holiday adventure in the self-catering holiday cottages.

Discover Norfolk

Norfolk County offers visiting tourists and residents a vast range of holiday cottages to settle for in the various locations that’ll help them discover and appreciate the serene and peaceful area. Whether it’s a break from the hustles and bustles of the city or a nice coastal retreat, you’ll surely find a luxurious cottage to make your stay very comfortable. Take time to discover a quite family time at the Norfolk Broads with waterways and diverse wildlife. Moreover, you could always head to the coast of North Norfolk for a nice time and connection with Mother Nature. The luxury holiday cottages in Norfolk present you with scenic church towers and the striking odd windmill sure to make you appreciate the stunning landscape.

A Time at the Luxurious Holiday Cottages

The amazing countryside in Norfolk presents you with exquisite luxurious holiday cottages beside the attractive surrounding landscape. Amidst all the beauty of the peaceful countryside, you’ll find various holiday cottage options to settle for depending on your needs from the number of people you’d like to accommodate and kid-friendly cottages for your family.

Whether you’re on a romantic holiday or a fun-filled family vacation, you surely won’t miss out on any option. The luxury holiday homes in Norfolk cottages strive to give you a more modern taste while retaining their original traditional features creating a nice blend of a modern-traditional touch.

They offer you a comfortable stay with your loved ones in a beautifully designed interior that’s pretty comfortable. What’s more, the peaceful rural surrounding allows you a nice and quiet family time while allowing you to have fun on the Norfolk Broads and the historic Norwich city.


Norfolk proudly presents you with numerous fun-filled activities to do with your loved ones while striving to make your stay in the scenic landscape peaceful and luxurious. The luxury holiday cottages in Norfolk will give you a nice family time you wouldn’t want to end your vacation.

Holiday barn conversions

Welcome to Wheatacre Hall Barns, your home away from home. We invite you to spend your holiday in one of our cottages which are all holiday barn conversions – we converted our barns which are more than 200 years old into English cottages. We were careful to retain most of the original features of the barns so that our guests could enjoy an authentic experience of an English cottage. Our guests choose to holiday with us time and time again because there is so much to enjoy. If you book a holiday cottage with us here is what you will enjoy:

 • Most of our guests tell us that they prefer to take a holiday with us because of the privacy that our cottages offer. All our cottages are set in such a way that guests cannot bump into each other unless they want to.
 • Our guests like the fact that they have full control of their meals – they can prepare whatever they want to eat unlike in a hotel where they have to stick to a menu or a buffet. This can be a huge disadvantage if you have little kids because they tend to be picky eaters. If you are restricted to a certain diet or have food allergies you will be happy in one of our cottages because you can prepare whatever you are allowed to eat.
 • Our luxury Norfolk cottages are set between the beautiful Norfolk countryside and the beach. You can spend your mornings exploring the countryside and your afternoons at the beach. You will be happy to know that there is plenty for you to do in the countryside – there are many tourist attractions located near Wheatacre Hall Barns. There are also great fishing spots and Beccles, our local town, is not far away.
 • If you have kids there is no better way to introduce them to nature than to bring them on holiday in one of our cottages. We are located in pet friendly accommodation Norfolk that has dairy cows, chickens, pigs and other farm animals. We also plant several different kinds of crops. Your children are welcome to explore the farm so long as they are accompanied by an adult.
 • You will love the fact that our cottages are fully furnished with a kitchen that has all the equipment you need to prepare your meals. All you have to do is bring supplies.

Can you do an a level in 1 year

Yes, the answer is that you can do A Levels in 1 year. Usually, students who take this option have either failed their A Levels and are repeating them or they want to add some subjects to A Levels that they already passed. If, for instance, you want to do medicine but you didn’t take science the first time round, you can add a few science subjects to make it easier for universities to accept you. As you can imagine, it is a very intense year – you have to do in 1 year what others do in 2. Visit our site to get more details of best boarding schools in the uk.
 For that reason, where you do you’re a Levels matters; you have to choose a school that has an exemplary track record in passing students. One of the most highly recommended is the Cambridge Centre for Sixth Form Studies or the CCSS. In the past 5 years, it has managed to send 99% of their students on to institutions of higher education. By enrolling with them you are almost assured of a spot in a good university. What makes the CCSS outshine other schools is their faculty; they have some of the best A Level teachers in the UK. Their aim is to ensure that their students pass.
 The CCSS is an international school so students have one more advantage – they get to meet people from other countries and understand different cultures. In addition to that, they contacts they make there usually prove to be useful later in their careers. Class sizes are kept small – they usually have classes of between 7 and 10 students. That way, teachers can focus their attention on individual pupils. This individual attention is part of the reason why the college has such as high pass rate.
 As for boarding arrangements, there are dorms on campus where students can stay. You can opt to live alone in an en suite room or you can share a room with another student. There is a boarding master who is present 24 hours a day. It is their job to walk students to their classes in the morning and walk them back to the dorms in the afternoon. You are provided with 3 meals a day and a snack in the evening. As for extracurricular activities, there is plenty for students to do in the evenings – there are a number of games that they can choose from or they can watch TV if they like. Students are allowed to have mobiles, laptops and tablets and there is free Wi-Fi in the dorms. Welcome to CCSS to know more about uk boarding schools.

How to Become A Good Richmond GP


If you want to become a good doctor then you have a long path to follow. Becoming a doctor in Richmond is one of the hardest things to do, let alone become one of the best at the position. In order to become a good physician you first have to get there. If you are looking to go into allopathic medicine then I highly suggest that you follow the five steps below to becoming a great Richmond general physician.

Step 1. Complete Undergrad Medical School Requirement

The first step is to graduate high school and attend college. When picking an undergraduate degree you can go with either biology or chemistry. Other degrees can also be accepted as well during the application process as long as the applicant has met the general requirements.

Step 2. Finish and Complete Medical School

Once you complete all of your undergrad requirements the next step is to apply for medical school. When applying for medical school is very important that you not only list your academic achievements, but also positive things that you have done outside of medicine to show that you’re a complete person. Once accepted into medical school all you have to do is finish. It doesn’t matter whether you get A’s or C’s.Step

3. Go Into Family Medicine As a Residency

What does matter in terms of helping you become a good doctor is how serious you take residency. Upon graduation of medical school, you must choose a specialty that you are passionate about. The family medicine is what you are passionate about then you will be able to do a much better job in the long-term.

Step 4. Open a Practice or Work At a Richmond Hospital

Once you have completed residency you have two options of work in Richmond. You can either open up your own practice or you can work at a different practice. This different practice of Richmond family doctors could be either a General Hospital or a group that focuses solely on family medicine.

Step 5. Use The Intangibles You Have Learned Along the Way 

Last of all, once you start treating patients for real you will need to constantly look back on the intangibles that you learned throughout the process. When going through medical school you will come in contact with a wide array of different people that will teach you a lot of various things. Therefore, it is important that you always reach back into your knowledge base when treating patients. This is how you can become a general physician in the Richmond area.

Outstanding Quality Coffee Paper Cups

Coffee Paper Cups

Coffee is one of the most popular and consumed beverages on the planet. From espresso to cappuccino, there are several styles and flavors of coffee as well. Whether you prefer decaffeinated or regular crystals, you need the right cups to sip and enjoy your java. With years of extensive industry experience, The Paper Cup Factory features the best coffee paper cups around. Our cups are designed to facilitate even the most scorching coffee, while protecting users from finger and hand burns. This is due to our durable, sturdy, and reinforced cups that also meet all environmental guidelines and green options.

Coffee Cups are a Necessity

Paper cups are a necessity and are used by millions of people each day. From office coffee machines to home brewers, these items are essential in facilitating a wide array of hot and cold beverages. The Paper Cup Factory not only manufactures coffee cups but also stands by each and every product. This means you get the best cups at the affordable prices each day. There are also promotional discounts, specials, and huge savings for customers and businesses that buy in bulk. Whether for residential or commercial usage, paper cups are a permanent staple that truly make life easier in many ways.

Paper Cup Factory

The Paper Cup Factory is a reputable company that continues to receive stellar reviews and customer ratings. From timely deliverables to great discounts for all new and existing customers – it’s never been easier to get the best paper cup products on the market today. They also feature an extensive line of cups, lids, cones, napkins and other paper essentials. Simply access the website for a top range of paper cups for all occasions. The Factory is proud to offer:

· White paper cups – single wall, double wall, rippled cups – cases with 1,000 cups at cost-effective prices.

· Compostable paper cups – green and environmentally-friendly recycled cups that can be used over.

· Disposable paper cups – only available for one use.

· Paper cup lids – all sizes and styles available.