IT Support Provider

It has become clear that your current IT support provider is not up to the task and you would like to find a new vendor for the coming year – what should you be looking for? There is no shortage of IT support companies in Cambridge but if you want to avoid disappointment and waste of time and money you ought to choose your next one carefully. So what should you be looking for? There are several qualities that define a good IT support company.
The first is that they will take the time to understand your business before they offer to do any sort of support work for you. If you call up an company and they offer to start providing services right away you should be wary – how can they support what they do not know? The best companies will ask you to schedule aside some time when they can come in and discuss what you do at length and what your expectations are. They will do a full audit of your existing system so that they can come up with a proper strategy. It is only when you are both agreed that they will start providing the required support.
The other thing you should be careful about when you are hiring at IT support company is scope of work – what are they expected to do and what can of results should they provide and within what time frame? If these things are not defined early on in the relationship things are likely to go awry and you will have nothing to fall back on because your contract wasn’t explicit enough.
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