Hair Washing Inflatable Basin for Bed

If you are looking for an inflatable hair washing basin for a bed ridden patient no doubt you have come across several types and may be wondering which one you should buy. There is a variety of these basins available and if you are a first time buyer the whole thing can be rather confusing. You can make your job a little easier if you start by defining your needs. How frequently, for example, do you need to use the wash basin? How long is the hair that you will be washing? How much water will you need to use during each wash? All these things will help you narrow down on a suitable inflatable hair wash basin.
As you choose a wash basin think about durability. Your loved one may recover and not need it anymore, but you never know about the future. Also, these basins are not cheap and you want to make sure that you get good value for your money. The material that the inflatable hair washing basin is made out of matters. Since you want it for bed use it needs to be soft and pliable, its contours closely hugging those of the bed when it is attached. If, however, you need a basin to use on a wheelchair it should be made out of stiff plastic that can stay upright when attached to the chair.
It is important to buy your basin from a reliable vendor. They need to offer you a warranty in case the basin you buy doesn’t meet your needs. They should also be able to talk you through different kinds of basins.
One vendor that will not let you down is Independence. Based in the UK they have a large variety of basins that you can choose from and they can advise you based on your particular needs. You can find out more on