Gore Tex Waterproof Spray

Your Gore Tex garment was waterproof once upon a time but not anymore. This is normal – Gore Tex garments are made with an ultra thin layer of DWR which is water resistant, but over time this layer wears down, and in wet weather it can feel like your garments are leaking. You don’t have to throw nice garments out because of this – you can use Gore Tex water proof spray to restore them to their waterproof state. Here is how:

• Wash your garment as directed on the label. You can line dry or tumble dry.

• Once it is dry you need to throw it back into the tumble drier for about 20 minutes so as to reactivate the waterproof substance that is in the outer layer of the garment.

• If you are not able to tumble dry you can still reactivate the DWR by ironing with a dry iron. Place a towel between the iron and the item. Iron on a low setting.

• Over time the DWR can no longer be reactivated. This is when you need Gore Tex waterproof spray. Just lay the garment on a piece of cardboard and spray it all over with Gore Tex waterproof spray.

• Tumble dry for 20 minutes to make sure that the spray gets between the fibres. You can apply this spray so long as the garment remains in usable condition.

You may be wondering where you can buy Gore Tex waterproof spray. We recommend that you check on https://www.stormsure.com/index.php/water-repellents.html. They have a wide range of water proofing products and all of them are non-toxic and leave no smell. Their sprays can be used on all kinds of fabrics. If you don’t find it there you can try retail stores like Amazon and EBay.