Fresh Milk Delivery

If you have little children it is quite likely that you are busy all the time and would prefer it if you didn’t have to run to the shop every time you are out of milk. One way you can get around this problem is to hire a fresh milk delivery service. These are services that work the same way that milkmen used to – you leave a bottle out before you go to bed and when you wake up in the morning there is another one there full of fresh milk waiting for you. These services are becoming very popular especially among the busy and health conscious, and with good reason.

Fresh milk delivery services will bring you milk that is completely fresh and without any additives. The milk that you get in the shop has a longer shelf life than fresh milk. This is because it contains additives that help it last longer. In addition to that the cows that produce milk for commercial purposes are fed a chemically saturated diet to enable maximum production. Fresh milk from a smaller farm will not have these issues – it comes straight from the cow, it is tested to make sure that it is safe and then it is put in a bottle and delivered at your doorstep.

If you are keen on saving the environment you may want to change to fresh milk delivery. You never have to throw out a milk carton again. The milk is delivered in glass bottles which are cleaned and re-used with each delivery. In addition to that, because you are buying commercially not much furl is used to get milk to your table. In your own small way you will be making a contribution towards saving the environment.

When shopping for a milk delivery service you may want to find one that delivers more than just milk. There are some milk delivery services that can bring you things like butter, cheeses, freshly baked bread and cookies, fruit, vegetables and much more. Not only will this save you a trip to the farmer’s market, you will also eat more organic foods, and therefore become healthier.

One such Cambridgeshire milk delivery service is Plumbs Dairy. Since 1952 they have services families in the area and they have fresh, organic milk. They also deliver a wide range of other organic foods.