Air Source Heat Pumps Disadvantages

Your choice of an air source heat pump for your home is an excellent one – these pumps are much more efficient that gas, oil or electricity. They harvest the warm air around the home and pump it into the house in winter and they do the reverse in summer. That said, it is important to know that these pumps come with some drawbacks so that you can be prepared for them:
•    You will need a larger radiator since the heat supply on these pumps is rather small. A larger radiator will cost you more but the payoff comes in the savings you will make in utility bills.
•    If you live on gas mains these pumps are not recommended as they can be a hazard.
•    Your home needs to have excellent insulation if you want to make the most of an air source heat pump. You may have to re-insulate any areas that may letting in cold air, but keep in mind that this is nothing compared to the savings that you will make. Also, better insulation adds value to your home.
•    If you want a quiet heating system these systems may not be the best for you. They tend to hum just like a regular AC does.
•    In winter you may find yourself reaching for small heaters for large rooms as air source heat pumps may not sufficiently warm them.
Don’t let these disadvantages dissuade you from air source heat pumps. They are still one of the most efficient and affordable ways to heat your home. There are ways to get around all these disadvantages. If you have a proper installer come around they can make sure that you get the most out of your unit.
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