1st Floor Balcony Design

Your 1st floor flat’s balcony isn’t very nice and you are wondering what you can do to make it fit better with the existing decor. This is a common problem especially in older flats – the landlords spend a lot of money to remodel the interiors but not much thought is given to the balcony. You don’t have to wait for your landlord to do something about yours. You can find a balcony design company to recreate the space and make it something that you will be proud of.
Balcony designs are varied and you will definitely find something to please your eye. There are many that incorporate glass so that you enjoy the sun without having to leave your flat. Others are made with safety in mind, while others are designed to create additional living space – you can, for example, increase the size of your kitchen by choosing the right balcony design.
You should start by finding a company that specializes in balcony design – many contractors will tell you that they can help remodel your balcony but they aren’t really experts. If you want a balcony that is truly remarkable you should be looking for a company that does nothing but balconies.
Once you tell them what you are trying to achieve they will send someone around to your flat to see the kind of space you are talking about. They will talk to you about different designs and present you with options so that you can choose. Once you settle on a design they will print photographs showing how your completed balcony will look for your final approval. If you are happy you can sign off and they will start the work.
Windoor UK is one of the top balcony design companies in the country. You can see some of their designs and previous projects on http://www.windooruk.co.uk/.